Keynote - Keynote speech

KN-1 EMI/EMC Problems/Solutions in Deep-Space Exploration

John Norgard (NASA)

Workshop 1 - EMC Risk Analysis & EMC for Functinal Safety

WS1-1: EMC for Functional Safety & EMC Risk Assessment- Fundamentals

Alistair Duffy (De Montfort University)

WS1-2 Electromedical Devices & EMC Risk analysis

Jamilson Ramos (UNICAMP); Sergio Muhlen (UNICAMP)

Workshop 2 - EMC Modeling & Simulations

WS2-1 Overview of Numerical Electromagnetic Codes for EMC and EMC Demos

Juliano Fujioka Mologni (ESSS)

WS2-2 Modeling and simulation of EMC in automotive and aerospace applications

Martin H. Vogel (ALTAIR)

WS2-3 UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) Hybrid Multiscale Modeling

Marcelo B. Perotoni (UFABC)

Workshop 3 - International EMC Standards & Accreditation and Quality Assurance in EMC

WS3-1 Overview of the International EMC Standards

Alistair Duffy (De Montfort University); Carlos Sartori (IPEN/CNEN-SP & EPUSP)

WS3-2 Accreditation and Quality Assurance in EMC

Carlo Carobbi (University of Florence)

Workshop 4 - Automotive & Testing Techniques

WS4-1 Automotive Electromagnetic Environment Evaluation - Methodologies and Testing Techniques

Garth D'Abreu (ETS Lindgren)

WS4-2 Introduction to Reverberation Chambers

Cynthia Junqueira (ESPECTRO); Jos Westhof-Jacobs (SIEPEL)

Workshop 5 - Transients & Cable Modelling

WS5-1 Techniques for Multiconductor Transmission-Line Characterizations

Tamiris Grossl Bade (UFSC); Carlos Sartori (Universidade de São Paulo); James Roudet (Université Grenoble Alpes); Jean-Michel Guichon (Université Grenoble Alpes)

WS5-2 Wideband Modelling of Underground Cables

Rodolfo A. R. Moura (UFRJ/ UFSJ); Antonio Carlos S. Lima (UFRJ); Maria Teresa Correia de Barros (ULisbon)

Oral Session 1 - Computational Electromagnetics

OS1-1 Approach to verify radiated susceptibility and pim products outside a satellite platform

Pablo Marino; Abigail Ganopol; Ricardo Colpari

OS1-2 Effects on the antenna's radiation pattern due to metamaterial-based sub-wavelength insulation

Jorge V. de Almeida; Carlos A. F. Sartori; Gláucio L. Siqueira; Marbey M. Mosso

OS1-3 Simulation of a Rectangular Microwave Cavity for the Heat Treatment

João R. A. Zacarias; Glauco Fontgalland; Priscilla K.P. de Melo; Raymundo de Amorim Jr.

OS1-4 Analysis and Compensation of the Effect of the Enclosure in a Multichannel RF Front-End

Ramon Lopez La Valle (National University of La Plata); Javier G. Garcıa (National University of La Plata); Pedro A. Roncagliolo (National University of La Plata)

OS1-5 Far Field Prediction of a PCB Using Simulation and Validation

Patil Gokarna Hanmantrao; Pratibha P. Shingare; R. S. Mahajan; Rajesh H; Sunil Dandge

Oral Session 2 - EMC Measurements I

OS2-1 Optimal points of measurement for the identification of sources by harmonic expansion

F. Tavernier; A. Breard; C. A. F. Sartori; L. Krahenbuhl; Z. Li

OS2-2 Use of a priori geometric information to improve the identification of the B-field measurement around a power electronic device

Z. Li; A. Breard; C. A. F. Sartori; F. Tavernier; L. Krahenbuhl

OS2-3 Using a GTEM Cell in an Interlaboratory Comparison of Radiated Emission

A. Raizer; L. R. Avila; M. P. Fonseca

OS2-4 Impact of antenna tilt on measurements in the anechoic chambers up to 1GHz

Krzysztof Sieczkarek; Adam Mackowiak

OS2-5 Electromagnetic Field in Rio de Janeiro downtown along LRV route

Marcelo Sanches Dias; Luiz Cezar Trintinalia; Mario Leite Pereira Filho

Oral Session 3 - Power quality, conducted EMC & Smart-grids

Analysis of Harmonic Current Emissions in Voltages Below the Presented by the Standard IEC 61000-3-2

A. Raizer; J. V. D. Silva; M. P. Fonseca

Impact of Mismatch Cables Impedances on Active Motor Terminal Overvoltage Mitigation Using Parallel Voltage Source Inverters

Daniel de Paula dos Santos (Amazônia Azul Defense Technologies S.A.); Carlos Antonio França Sartori (Instituto de Pesquisas Energéticas e Nucleares IPEN/CNEN and Escola Politécnica PEA/EPUSP University of São Paulo)

OS3-3 PV impact on distribution grids: a review on Power Quality issues and Demand-side Management

Vladimir Cardenas-Bocanegra; Andres Pavas; Daniel Agudelo Martinez; Duvan Mendoza

OS3-4 Behavior of simulated supraharmonics emission varying some of the Compact Fluorescent Lamp circuit parameters

Daniel Agudelo-Martínez; Andres Pavas

OS3-5 Electromagnetic Disturbance Levels in Healthcare Facilities located near to Broadcasting Station

Jamilson Ramos Evangelista (UNICAMP); Sérgio Santos Muhlen (UNICAMP)

Oral Session 4 - Transients & Lightning

OS4-1 Experimental Evaluation of Voltage Resonance on Industrial Cables

Tamiris Grossl Bade; Carlos A. F. Sartori; James Roudet; Jean-Michel Guichon

OS4-2 Analysis of lightning propagation inside building via grounding systems

T. Grossl-Bade; E. Clavel; J. Roudet; P. Joyeux

OS4-3 Transient grounding behavior: field vs. transmission line theories considering frequency-dependent soil parameters

Marco A. O. Schroeder; Rodolfo A. R. Moura; Amanda B. Amaral; Antonio C. S. Lima; Maria Teresa Correia de Barros

OS4-4 Low-Voltage AC Surge Protective Device Assessment regarding Nuclear Plants

Sad S. Borsoi; Carlos A. F. Sartori; Carlos E. M. Pereira; Jésus A. O. Neto

OS4-5 Simple Model for the Estimation of EM Fields Produced by Electrostatic Discharges

Pablo A. Corrales; Bajon Damienne; Cristian Matorras; Pablo Marino Belçaguy

Oral Session 5 - EMC Measurements II

OS5-1 Accreditation of EMC Test Laboratories to ISO/IEC 17025

Carlo F. M. Carobbi

OS5-2 Uncertainties Minimization in Open Environment Antenna Gain Estimations

Artur N. de São José (Graduate Program in Electrical Engineering, Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil); Juliano F. Mologni (ESSS, Brazil); Maria V. A. Contreras (Graduate Program in Electrical Engineering, Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil); Ricardo Adriano (Electrical Engineering Department, Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil); Úrsula do C. Resende (Electrical Engineering Department, Federal Center for Technological Education of Minas Gerais, Brazil)

OS5-3 Quality of Interference Path Loss Measurements in Aircraft

Rafael R. Nunes (DLR – German Aerospace Center, Germany)

OS5-4 Integration of Electromagnetic Measurement Equipment in Unmanned Aerial Systems

Tarcisio A. B. Gripp (Aeronautics Institute of Technology, Brazil); Rafael R. Nunes (DLR – German Aerospace Center, Germany)

OS5-5 Magnetic Field Measurement at ULF Frequencies of Electromagnetic Precursors

E. Zothner (UBA. Measurements and Instruments Lab. ); R.Alonso (UBA. Electromagnetic Radiation Lab. ); W.G. Fano (UBA. Electromagnetic Radiation Lab. ); J. Kelly (UBA. Electronic Circuits Lab.); J.G. Zola (UBA. Electronic Circuits Lab.)

Poster Session - Poster Session

Analysis of Digital TV Quality Parameters (MER and BER) in Metropolitan Regions

A. Raizer; K. Toccolini; M. P. Fonseca

PS-01 Deployment of a Fast and Accurate Hybrid FEM/MoM/FEBI/SBR+ Methodology for Ship EMC Design

Juliano F. Mologni; Arismar C. S. Jr; Jefferson C. Ribas; Marco A. R. Alves

PS-03 Determination of Minimum Security Distances of the Line Output of the Itaipu Gas Isolated Substation in Relation to the Limits of Exposure to the Electromagnetic Field

Pablo S. Paganoto (UNIOESTE); Juliano R. da Silva (Itaipu Binacional); Maysa P. Hagedorn (UDC)

PS-04 Analysis of the EMI Filters in the Power Supply System for Electromagnetic Compatibility of Conduction Emission Test

Chia-Hung Su; Liang-Yang Lin

PS-05 A Simple and Effective Method for Cable Shielding Measurement using Electric Field Probe

IFBA - Federal Institute of Bahia; Kenedy Marconi G. Santos; UFBA - Federal University of Bahia; Glauco Fontgalland; Marcela Silva Novo; Marcelo Bender Perotoni

PS-06 Electromagnetic simulation of canonical PCB problematic cases

Ricardo D. Gama (UFABC); Marcelo B. Perotoni (UFABC

PS-07 Analysis of Input Power Dependency for Rectennas

Fabiano S. Bicalho (CEFET-MG); Gabriel A. T. Almeida (CEFET-MG); Guilherme L. F. Brandão (CEFET-MG); Úrsula C. Resende (CEFET-MG)

PS-08 A Feature Selective Validation-Based Comparison of Commercial Electromagnetic Simulation Software for Antenna Standing Wave Ratio and Radiated Immunity Analysis

Arnaud Colin; Arthur Roza; Artur Nogueira; Juliano Mologni; Kenedy Marconi; Magno Menezes; Marcelo Perotoni

PS-09 A 3D CUDA FDTD Method for Electromagnetic Analysis

R. C. M. Pimenta; M. V. Africano; R. Adriano; Ú. C. Resende

PS-10 Anisotropy Characteristics Influence in the electro-thermal behavior of Composites

D. B. S. Audiffred; E. Bohre; M. V. T. Heckler; T. S. Possamai; X. L. Travassos

PS-11 Multi-tone Testing for Conducted Immunity Testing

Mike Alferman (ARworld)