Analysis of Digital TV Quality Parameters (MER and BER) in Metropolitan Regions

This paper describes methods to measure and characterize propagation channels for terrestrial Digital TV in Brazil, where the standard adopted is the ISDB-Tb (Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting Terrestrial Brazilian). Measurements were taken using a Drive Test to acquire the values of parameters that allowed the analysis of signal quality. This test is performed by a vehicle going through a predetermined path with an antenna coupled to it. To apply the methods, Drive Tests were carried out in three different cities in the South of Brazil. Although the test performed allows the evaluation of several parameters, this paper has been presented to show the analysis of only signal intensity, BER (Bit Error Rate) and MER (Modulation Error Rate), including any relationship between them in the three cities. Also, it presents evidences of the multipath phenomenon, which is one of the causes of deterioration of signal quality and can be evaluated through the Drive Test.

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