PS-01 Deployment of a Fast and Accurate Hybrid FEM/MoM/FEBI/SBR+ Methodology for Ship EMC Design

Ships today have several installed radio frequency systems generating a high potential of electromagnetic interference. There are standards that limits the electric field and/or power density where personnel, weapon, avionics, equipment and fuel are located or installed in the ship for safety reasons. Electromagnetic full wave simulations are hardly used to investigate this issue due to the extremely large electrical size of the ships, requiring a great amount of computational effort. Asymptotic solvers can be used for this purpose but lack the high accuracy found on full wave solvers. This paper proposes a hybrid FEM/MoM/FEBI/SBR+ methodology to simulate high frequency (≥10GHz) ship models maintaining a high accuracy through high advanced physics diffraction and at the same time reducing the computer memory usage and simulation time.

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