Non-treated transient motor terminal overvoltage due high-speed switching sources and long cable length can be twice the original source voltage amplitude. In some cases, this overvoltage can cause premature motor insulation failure. A topology widely applied in industry is subject of this overvoltage: motors driven by voltage source inverter, connected by long feeding cable. There […]

This paper aims to analyze a possible limit for harmonic current emissions at voltages below those provided by IEC 61000-3-2. It shows a comparison between the odd harmonics of several devices belonging to class B and D, and the harmonics of a device belonging to class C, at the voltages 230 V, 127 V, and […]

A set of simulations describing the relationship between supraharmonics emission from a Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) and some variations in original circuit parameters, are shown and analyzed in this article. Simulations of a typical CFL circuit without any Power Factor Corrector stage are performed by means of LTSpice® simulator. Variations at Rectifier stage, EMI filter […]

The essential performance of Medical Electrical Equipment (MEE) can be compromised by electromagnetic disturbances present in the various environments where equipment are used. Many paper was published about electromagnetic evaluation on healthcare facilities, therefore, none of them show data about Brazilian hospitals, mainly it located in broadcasting station area, like Av. Paulista in São Paulo. […]