OS1-3 Simulation RW Microwave Cavity hermal TreatmentThis paper presents the design and analysis of rectangular cavity, which operates at 2.45 GHz, for the thermal treatment of clay. The analysis is effective from simulation in software, analyzing the reflection coefficient S11 and heating of a sample of clay (vermiculite). Then an asymmetry (chamfer) is made in […]

A metamaterial-based insulator is proposed for highly compact MIMO-systems. In previous work, the proposed insulator has been demonstrated to reduce efficiently the coupling at PEC boundaries between two very close antennas on a common ground plane. The present study concentrates on the effects of this insulator on the antenna radiation pattern. The chosen operating frequency […]

This work proposes an approach to verify the radiated susceptibility levels and the passive intermodulation (PIM) products in terms of the electric field that calculated with a computational electromagnetic (CEM) software. This is part of a broader subject on Radio Frequency Compatibility (RFC) Analysis according to general requirements for a LEO spacecraft. Please login to […]

The aim of this work is to analyze the resonant frequencies of the enclosure of a multichannel RF front-end intended for receiving the GPS signals. The obtained results show that the resonant modes of the designed enclosure can degrade the performance of the receiver. In order to overcome this problem, we propose to use an […]

The modern automotive industry shows evident rise in use of electronic components leading to increase in chances of electromagnetic disturbance due to electromagnetic radiations. AIS 004 standards give the way of measurement as well as acceptable field strength limits. The test setup for this far-field measurement is complex and it requires resources like semi-anechoic chamber […]