Demand Side Management : Impact in dry type transformers aging. Short and long time analysis

Performing demand management is one of the ideas and practices that has become more common as a maintenance strategy for system assets and also as a sales strategy. Modifying the consumption habits of user allows to have a certain margin of energy supply that can be beneficial to the energy supplier in order to be able to decide on the effort that wants to maintain in its assets, the form of the profile of load that can be more convenient to him and The amount of energy you can sell, all this in real time. This article proposes different modifications to the demand profile and evaluates the effects of these modifications on dry type and oil immersed transformers. The economic analysis is also carried out to know the impact of these actions for the energy supplier due to the change in the sale of energy. The results allow to make a qualitative and quantitative analysis of how to manage the energy that is provided to the users in each moment seeking to improve the conditions of the system in technical and economic aspects for both users and suppliers.

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