Multi-tone testing has many benefits. While the multitone methodology was initially proposed for Radiated Immunity (RI) testing to the IEC specifications, it also applies to Conducted Immunity (CI) testing to the IEC, Medical, Military and Automotive standards. As is similar for Radiated Immunity testing, it is found to significantly increase the speed of CI testing, […]

A predictive EMC method for inductive coupling, using measurements carried out on a sphere encompassing a tested device, is at the moment under development in our laboratory. This method makes it possible to construct an equivalent source in the form of a sum of multipole terms. Once the equivalent sources of two devices have been […]

This article presents a simple and effective method for cable shielding measurement using electric field probe. The discovery of complications as soon as possible is of paramount importance in order to avoid unpredicted costs in advanced phases of the project. Within this context, this paper presents a simplified proposal of the voltage standing wave ratio […]