Multi-tone testing has many benefits. While the multitone methodology was initially proposed for Radiated Immunity (RI) testing to the IEC specifications, it also applies to Conducted Immunity (CI) testing to the IEC, Medical, Military and Automotive standards. As is similar for Radiated Immunity testing, it is found to significantly increase the speed of CI testing, […]

Rectennas operating as microwave electromagnetic energy harvesting system has low input and output power characteristics. Also, the output power efficiency is greatly dependent on the input power level. In this paper is investigated the behavior of output power of two rectennas according to the level of input power at the rectifiers circuits. The rectenna are […]

This article presents a simple and effective method for cable shielding measurement using electric field probe. The discovery of complications as soon as possible is of paramount importance in order to avoid unpredicted costs in advanced phases of the project. Within this context, this paper presents a simplified proposal of the voltage standing wave ratio […]

With the increase in electricity demand, new sources of power generation and transmission lines are needed. Thus, because of the need to meet the demand for electricity, transmission lines and substations are increasingly present in urban and local areas near the movement of people. Since electromagnetic fields are a result of the electrical installation, there […]

This study originates from the standard CISPR 22 for measuring electromagnetic emissions. A power supply is chosen as the equipment under test (EUT) for the conduction emission (CE) test. The test results are also verified by the common mode (CM) and differential mode (DM) attenuation at the specified frequencies deduced by the physical circuit under […]

This paper describes methods to measure and characterize propagation channels for terrestrial Digital TV in Brazil, where the standard adopted is the ISDB-Tb (Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting Terrestrial Brazilian). Measurements were taken using a Drive Test to acquire the values of parameters that allowed the analysis of signal quality. This test is performed by a […]

Ships today have several installed radio frequency systems generating a high potential of electromagnetic interference. There are standards that limits the electric field and/or power density where personnel, weapon, avionics, equipment and fuel are located or installed in the ship for safety reasons. Electromagnetic full wave simulations are hardly used to investigate this issue due […]

Throughout the last decade, electromagnetic simulation has become more usual in electro-electronic devices development, following the performance improvement of the specialized commercial software and the computing hardware. This paper presents a comparison between two software regarding the simulation of a laboratorial setup based on an Electromagnetic Compatibility test called Radiated Immunity and the standing wave […]