This paper assesses the transient behavior of electrical groundings systems due to direct lightning strikes under the assumptions of constant and frequency-dependent soil parameters. It is known that this is a parameter that affects the overvoltages of the insulation rope and the increase of the soil potential (GPR). In this case, two configurations are analyzed […]

This paper presents a methodology for low-voltage AC surge protective device (SPD) coordination. As motivation, the required nuclear plant reliability and safety criteria, in which the surge protection coordination can assume an important role, are emphasized. Due the characteristics of the protection system, and the surge phenomena, an iterative methodology is applied. The SPD selection […]

This paper considers the resonance phenomena observed on cables connected to power converters, evaluating theoretically and experimentally the voltage amplification due to resonance on these cables. The experimental study was effectuated on cables typically used on industrial applications. Factors restricting resonance-due amplifications are considered, as well as the conditions under which resonance issues may rise […]