Mutual Coupling Internal Calibration method applied to a Polarimetric Phased Array Antenna Model in Reception Mode

In this paper, the implementation of a Polarimetric Phased Array Antenna (PPAA) model based on \textit{S}-parameters presented in [1] is upgraded adding the mutual coupling effect between radiating elements in reception mode [2]. For this, the radiating elements are modeled using Z-parameters. This new model is used to perform comparisons between Classical Internal Calibration (CIC) and Mutual Coupling Internal Calibration (MCIC) methods, adding different types of simulated errors.

A flexible antenna model has been implemented to simulate and evaluate any desired antenna topology. CIC and MCIC have been compared using a PPAA with 70 radiating elements. It is shown that with MCIC, not only more accurate estimations of transmission/reception gain and phase are achieved, but also better performances under signal deviations are obtained. MCIC includes every antenna component, minimizing characterization campaigns needed for CIC. An inherent drawback of MCIC is the risk of damaging several Transmission and Reception Modules (TRMs) when the reception power is not taken into account.

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